River Sister - Occupy

Last year at 3S Artspace when we opened for My Bubba.

Goodtime Harmonies Night 3/23 at The Dance Hall

Big World Small Town

Playing Big World Small Town in our big little town of Portsmouth, NH at Portsmouth Book and Bar during our CD release party.

River Breeze

Here is a portion of one of our new songs called River Breeze that we performed for the first time at our CD release party at Portsmouth Book and Bar.

Misters of River Sister Jammin'

Our talented rhythm section with PJ Donahue on drums and Nate Therrien on bass rocking it out at our CD release party at Portsmouth Book and Bar.

I'll Fly Away with Two Tined Fork

At our CD release party at Portsmouth Book and Bar we had the pleasure of having Two Tined Fork join us for I'll Fly Away.

Sandpaper Groove

River Sister Fun Fact: Our drummer, PJ Donahue, generates our grooves without cymbals. This forces him to get creative with sounds and textures. His newest stroke of genius... (drum roll please/ haha)... The Sandpaper Groove!

River Sister CD Release Party

happy happy joy joy! CD Release party at the Portsmouth Book and Bar on October 21!

River Sister - Occupy

Thank you 3S Artspace and My Bubba for a great evening last night!

River Sister - Naked Trees

We had a blast at 3S Artspace last night. Thank you 3S and My Bubba!