"Vocal harmonies that’ll make you blush...

with a rhythm section that adds a moving, colorful crush,” commented EDGE magazine when listing River Sister in one of its best-of-the-year lists. Vocalists Stefanie Guzikowski and Elissa Margolin deliver a sultry, silky blend alongside the addictive grooves of bassist Nate Therrien and drummer PJ Donahue. Indeed, the regional press notes, “the combination of these pieces makes for a fresh, cathartic addition to the indie-folk cannon.”

Recently nominated for a Spotlight award for best folk group, River Sister has opened for national act and NPR tiny desk favorite, My Bubba, toured the Northeast and kicked off the National Concert to End Gun Violence. They can be found in their hometown of Portsmouth, New Hampshire and nearby venues in Boston and Portland delivering heart-filled, joyous and inspiring performances. 

"But what makes this song stand out is the magic that happens when River Sister’s rhythm section, accomplished jazz musicians PJ Donahue (drums) and Nate Therrien (double bass), takes the foreground and creates a vibe of a modern-day around-the-campfire party. The groove is prominent and one can envision friends dancing around the flames.”
- Red Line Roots, Singled Out

"Vocal harmonies that’ll make you blush with a rhythm section that adds a moving, colorful crush."
- EDGE Magazine

"folk tradition, jazz rhythm and glorious singing."
- Seacoast Scene

What listeners are saying

"River Sister played at our bar in Kingston, NY, and they provided lovely music for a low-key, cozy Saturday evening. They were great to work with from start to finish!”

Rough Draft Bar & Books

"I watched the youtube video and was blown away by your music. It was haunting and lyrical and chill and comforting all at the same time. Congratulations and big success to your band!”

River Sister Listener

“All the way from the beach I heard beautiful harmony. I HAD to find where it was coming from so we followed the sound.”


Ashworth by the Sea

"It was such a pleasure working with River Sister on this hauntingly beautiful song! The video looks great!”

Chris Magruder

Thundering Sky

"Oh my gosh (the River Breeze recording) is beautiful guys - as it is you all sound like magic during live shows with those beautiful harmonies, but hearing a studio recording with the video really captures the spirit of the group. Gorgeous sounds !”

River Sister Listener